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Mobile Image Recognition

We develop customized image recognition solutions for mobile data capture. In many cases, data or measured variables are available visually and can be captured or measured by camera. By applying computer vision and technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), classic image processing, text recognition (OCR) or augmented reality (AR), we make visual data digitally usable to enhance your processes. In this way, we turn the smartphone camera into a mobile scanner and the smartphone into a mobile measuring instrument.

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Utilizing Smartphones for Quality Assurance and Measurements

Data capture and inspection outside of automated production can benefit from mobile image recognition. It can be helpful in maintenance, for selected measurements in production, process and machine control, for efficient assistance of manual processes, process simplification and digitalization.

Camera-based data capture

  • Identification via barcodes, QR code, NFC, Bluetooth
  • Reading of meter displays, gauges and other measuring devices
  • OCR of IBAN, serial numbers etc.
  • Object detection, object identification
  • Document scan
  • Photo documentation

Camera-based measurements

  • Color measurement: color balance, hue, brightness, contrasts
  • Length, distance, area, size measurements
  • Texture analysis, structure analysis
  • Presence or absence control
  • Counting of objects
  • Feature extraction, identification, differentiation
  • Sensor fusion of camera and other sensors

Mobile data capture ecosystem

  • Efficient interaction through intuitive user interfaces
  • Data aggregation of image data, manual entries, time stamps, GPS, picture proof, user ID
  • Aggregation of data from various users in different locations
  • Assignment of acquisition tasks
  • Separation of data capture and data synchronization
  • Overview in dashboards and evaluation

Scan SDK

Our Scan-Modules are readily available for your your App through our SDK for Android and iOS. Also, we can create or customize modules for your needs and challanges. The SDK is available for integration into native apps as well as common software frameworks.

Barcodes and QR codes are certainly the most common use cases for visual data capture. But also capture of consumption meters, e.g. for gas, water, electricity, or heat is pretty common when smart meters are not available or not feasible. In several domains, this is also true for pressure gauges, etc.  

Which scan module would you like?

Consulting & Development

  • Deep knowledge of the possibilities (and limitations) of mobile image recognition.
  • Solutions that are tailored for your processes.
  • Offline-first: Processing and data storage on the mobile device. This allows for immediate user feedback and ensures reliable functionality not requiring network connection.
  • Our solutions support your data acquisition outside of automated production.
  • We consider the data acquisition process as a whole: the capture situation, the measurement object, algorithms, user interface, and the user. 


We analyze and optimize your processes – preferably in agile projects. We approach the complete solution in manageable sprints. Each step is planned based on the knowledge of the previous step and with your involvement.


We develop solutions for iOS and Android that for your processes.
This can result in a scan module for your existing app, or a data specialized capture app, or a full data capture solution including task delegation, data analysis, business logic and dashboards.


We focus on user interaction, empowerment and support of users in their tasks. The combination of image recognition with tailored user interfaces ensures the quality of the acquired data and efficiency of the acquisition process.

From the idea to the full solution


  • Feasibility studies
  • Analysis and evaluation of existing solutions
  • Technical feasibility
  • Assessment of legal and regulatory context


  • Integration into existing processes
  • Usability
  • Collaboration in research and development projects
  • Patents and auditing


  • Customized solution
  • Connection to existing infrastructure
  • Operation of your own cloud
  • Data security
  • Documentations and tests


Products & selected projects

Module for scanning manometer

Module for scanning manometer


Even mostly automated businesses, not every measuring point is digitalized – if it does not pay off. For a big player in the chemical industry, we have developed a scan module prototype for a more efficient collection and documentation of manometer readings.

Mobile warehouse management App

Mobile warehouse management App


Customers of aescoLOGIC use the m.o.p.s inventory management App developed by us for easily ordering medical supplies. They can scan QR codes or just take a picture of the product – either directly in their warehouse or conveniently wherever they go. Furthermore, aescoLOGIC employees use the app on mobile devices with integrated hardware scanners for keeping the warehouses of their clients stocked.

Trade Fair App<br />
»SOPHOS Interactive«

Trade Fair App
»SOPHOS Interactive«


Together with WAVELINE-MAR.COM, we created a multimedia app for the interactive trade fair presence of SOPHOS TECHNOLOGY. Visitors can watch product videos on a provided tablet. They select the product by pointing the tablet camera at the respective icon at the stand.

Software development for a medical device

Software development for a medical device


ODI Medical
 develops a highly innovative tool for medical diagnosis — and we create the acquisition software and the backend for it. The development is set up such that it will stand in a later audit for approval for medical device.

pixiban: the IBAN scanner

pixiban: the IBAN scanner


pixiban scans IBANs via smartphone camera. No need to retype 20-30 digits or letters.

Just scan and paste.

pixiban App

Intensive care documentation

Intensive care documentation


In a joint project with the RWTH Aachen hospital and Philips Healthcare, we will develop an app for support and quality assurance in the intensive care documentation.This three-year project is funded in the programme Leitmarkt­wettbewerb.NRW Gesundheit.

Aareal Meter for Housing Companies & utilities

Aareal Meter for Housing Companies & utilities


Aareal Meter is the new platform for meter reading for the energy and housing industry as well as caretakers and meter reading service providers commissioned by them. Aareal Meter consists of an order portal and a meter reading app.


Aareal Meter by Aareal Bank


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