New pixometer SDK 3.1.0 for meter reading via smartphone camera

Today many utilities and energy suppliers use our pixometer meter scan function by means of our software development kit (SDK) in their meter reader tools or customer apps. On this way readings of mechanical and digital meters (power, gas, water, heat) can be collected quickly, easily and reliably by scan. For more details on functions and benefits please check out the pixometer scan brochure.

Our pixometer meter reading solution is being improved continuously. This covers adaptions to new versions of operating systems, latest smartphone and tablet series, the support of rare and new meter types as well as improvements of the recognition performance. We regularly provide updates of our SDK to customers and partners as well as interested parties.

Die latest version 3.1.0 of the pixometer SDK contains following improvements:

  • The new automatic mode for (German) power meters recognizes mechanical meters as well as those with digital display (incl. so-called OBIS codes). This makes the preselection of a certain power meter type and its specific digit count obsolete.
  • Improved recognition speed for Android.
  • Improved recognition performance on LC displays.
  • Support of xamarin development environment for iOS.
  • Support of 64-bit processor architectures for Android.
  • Support of barcodes within the titanium development environment.
  • Support of version 6 of the titanium development environment.
  • Support of ‘bitcode’ for iOS.

  • You would also like to test our meter scan function? Just send your request to stefan.krausz(at) We will then provide a full-featured evaluation with a limited run time. Experience shows that a full integration of our SDK should not take more than a work day for an experienced developer. We have received a great deal of praise for the supplied documentation. Alternatively the SDK can just be tested based on the accompanying examplary projects for iOS, Android, Cordova, Xamarin and Titanium. (SKr/OKa/MLi)

    Posted on 5. April 2017 in Allgemein

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