My experience at CeBIT 2017

After only eight weeks of internship, I had the responsibility of representing pixolus in one of the biggest digital technology fairs in the world. Having the responsibility to present pixolus‘ data capture technology to people from worldwide was a great challenge. And, like all the challenges in our lives, that experience has given me great learning.

pixolus @ CeBIT 2017

pixolus @ CeBIT 2017: Stefan, Guilherme & Markus.

All the time I communicated in English and French and, despite being fluent in these languages, these are not my mother tongue, which made communication more challenging. In addition, I needed to have the flexibility to deal with interjections, answer technical questions about our products and our business model. All this meant a great opportunity to develop my communication skills.


pixolus @ CeBIT 2017: Guilherme talking to visitors

pixolus @ CeBIT 2017: Guilherme talking to visitors.

I had the opportunity to talk to people from different countries: Arabs, Chinese, French, Canadians, Brazilians, Japanese, etc. This allowed me to have an infinite wealth of perspectives on our company and to be sure that our technology is not limited to Germany. Our solutions are definitely able to solve existing problems around the world. Therefore, I feel honoured to be part of a company so relevant to the development of digital technology worldwide. Surely, attending CeBIT was an incredible experience. (GFu/OKa)

Veröffentlicht am 4. April 2017 in Allgemein, pixolus