(Deutsch) 5 Tipps zum Scannen von Zählerständen

For four years now, the meter scanning technology pixometer, developed by pixolus, has been successfully employed to scan meter readings. Millions of meter readings do no longer have to be collected by typing or writing ever since. As a result, fewer errors occur, reading processes become more efficient, and a photo proof of the meter creates transparency.

Both customer groups and applications have expanded: users are private households, professional readers and janitors. In addition to energy suppliers and municipal utilities, companies in the areas of facility management and energy management are increasingly resorting to the scan function.

pixolus collaborates with numerous providers of workforce management tools and B2C apps. These affiliates integrate pixometer via SDK (Software Development Kit) for iOS and Android into their own software. The pixometer SDK supports Cordova, Titanium, Xamarin, and Xamarin.Forms. Interested parties may request a free evaluation version of the SDK via developer@pixometer.io. In addition, pixolus also offers the development of tailored apps for customer self-service and meter reading personnel.

pixolus has collected the most important scanning tips from the many customer feedbacks. These tricks and hints are addressed to private and professional users on site as well as to software developers of partner companies who want to integrate the pixometer SDK into their software environment. Since affiliates can integrate the pixometer SDK into mobile solutions in different ways, the mentioned tips can look a bit different for each solution.

Download: 5 Tips for Scanning Meters (.pdf)

Do you have questions or comments about the pixometer SDK? Just write to pixometer@pixometer.io.
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Posted on 28. September 2018 in Allgemein

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